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Details of information:
Data as specified in the holiday packages is based on information that has been available at the time of publication of the said tour package. Akshaya India Tours & Travels (P) Ltd., hereafter displayed as AITT, reserves the right to change any holiday package information before or after a particular tour is booked by any customer, in lieu of any events beyond our control. Should these changes be know to us at the time of the booking being made, ATT shall take the responsibility of informing the customer of the same otherwise the same shall be informed to the customer by our local representative (if it is an international tour) will take the responsibility of informing our customers on our behalf.

Airline selection:

It will be the privilege of AITT for the choice of an airline when including the cost of air travel in the package. AITT under no circumstance be liable to the customer for any loss of baggage by the airline, no provision of meals on long haul travel, off loading due to overbooking of seats by the airline, failure by the airline to accommodate our customer despite of having confirmed air tickets, quality of meals served on board the airlines, delayed departures and arrivals, misconnection due to delays caused by the airlines due to climatic conditions, technical snags, cancellation of flights and change is flight schedule. If there arises a situation where our customer who has been booked on a particular airline for a specific date of travel and due to reasons beyond the control of AITT, the customer is not permitted to board the scheduled flight, the customer shall not hold AITT responsible for the same and no claim made by the customer against AITT will be entertained. All reservations / changes & cancellations of an airline ticket and travel on such an airline ticket will be subject to the terms and conditions of the respective airlines and the same will be made available to the customer by AITT, on request.


For security reasons, it is mandatory for our customers to travel with proper photo-identification, as all hotels insist for the same at the time of check-in. Photo-identifications issued only by Government authorities will be accepted as a valid document viz., 1. Passport 2. PAN Card 3. Driving license.

The check-in and check out time at hotels, varies from country to country. If at any given point of time you arrive prior the scheduled time of check-in, the hotel reserves the right to provide you with the room earlier than scheduled time, subject to availability of room and this will solely be at the discretion of the management of the hotel concerned. AITT will not be liable for any loss and damage to belongings during stay at hotels, booked in a tour package. We will also not be held responsible for loss and damage of our customers’ personal belongings either on board land transportation / airport / travel in transit & during sightseeing of places of interest. Hotels have safe deposit lockers which can be availed at an affordable cost or at times the same is provided as a complimentary service in the room. Any changes made by the hotels at the time of stay will be under their direct control and AITT will not be liable for any compensation claim in lieu of such changes.


Meals provided at hotels / restaurants are pre-negotiated and provided as contracted by AITT with the specific hotels / restaurants. The type of meals that are being provided will be disclosed to the customer at the time of booking of the tour or it will be specified in the tour package. In the event our customers who miss fixed meals in lieu of late arrivals at the restaurants, delayed flights or due to their personal reasons, AITT will not entertain any claim for un-utilised services nor will we be liable to provide alternate services as compensation for the same. Any special meal requirement needed by the customer due to their health condition needs to be made in writing to us at the time of booking the tour package.

Booking procedure:

  • At the time of making a request for booking only on receipt of an advance payment will the hotel / flight reservation be made
  • For booking of special fares on airlines for a specific tour package, where the airfare has not been configured in the tour package, full payment of the airfare will need to be made in order to avail of the special airfare deal
  • For tour packages out of the country where visa needs to be obtained, the same will be processed only on receipt of payment in full for cost of airfare and visa
  • AITT will not be held liable for visa’s rejected by any consulate irrespective of the customer providing us with all relevant supporting documents. Granting of visa is at the sole discretion of the visa officer. AITT will not entertain compensation for rejected visas and monies loss in lieu of the same, as consulates do not refund visa fees for rejected visas
  • While making bookings, it is mandatory that the customers provide the staff with appropriate and precise details
  • Amendments to bookings (change of date, upgrade of accommodation, upgrade of transportation) will be entertained prior the customer making full and final payment of a particular tour package
  • For customers wanting to travel during the super peak period (dates will be highlighted in specific tour departures), hotels normally charge a supplement cost, and the same will have to be borne by the customer
  • Children aged 12 years will be treated as an adult.
  • For individual customers who make payment by their personal cheque, confirmation of services will be provided only after clearance and credit of the cheque amount in our bank account
  • Payments made vide cheque should be and Account Payee cheque drawn in favour of ‘AKSHAYA INDIA TOURS & TRAVELS (P) LTD.,’
  • Payments above INR 20,000.00, it is mandatory for the customer to provide us with a copy of their PAN Card
  • For payments made vide credit card online, please fill in the SOF form as authority to debit your card
  • For payments received by credit card a service charge of 2.5% for domestic cards (debit / credit) & 3% for International cards (debit / credit) will be levied
  • AITT will not entertain any verbal cancellation of a booked tour package. All cancellations must be intimated to us in writing
  • For cancellation of a tour package prior 30 days from the commencement date of the tour a minimum service charge will be levied by us, based on the cost of the tour package and at the discretion of the management
  • For cancellation of a tour package less than 15 days from the commencement date of the tour, 50% of the total tour package cost will be levied
  • For cancellation of the a tour package purchased for travel during peak, Festival holidays, cancellation charges as levied by the hotels will be charged to the customer
  • For cancellation of a tour package 7 days prior the commencement date of the tour 100% of the total tour cost will be levied
  • If due to personal reasons, whatever it may be, while on tour, if cancelled midway, NO refund claim will be entertained
  1. A minimum of 30 working days will be taken to process refunds.
  2. Refunds claims for untilised services for a tour cancellation due to illness, loss of passport or death, will not be entertained
  3. Third party refunds viz., Airlines, Luxury Cruise, Overseas Tour Operators will take a minimum of 45 – 90 working days
  4. Refunds will be processed only on receiving complete supporting from the customer
All dispute/complaints with respect to these terms and conditions and the tour and services shall be subject to the jurisdiction of Courts at Chennai only. The above terms and conditions shall be binding on both the company and the client and shall become the only basis of relations between the parties and all previous communications in whatsoever form or mode, whether oral or otherwise, with respect to any term or conditions of the tour and services shall stand cancelled /revoked/terminated.

Customers are requested to ensure that AITT be informed if they are suffering from any medical condition that may hamper their ability to enjoy the booked tour package and wherein the interest of the group or any of its members thereof is prejudicially affected. In such cases, AITT would advice such individuals to choose tours suiting their prevailing health conditions.,
For overseas travel irrespective of the prevailing health condition of the customers, it is mandatory to take an Overseas Medical Claim Policy as a precautionary measure.
If there arises a situation where the medical insurance has to be utilized settlement of claims will be entirely at the discretion of the insurance company.

The Company shall be excused from the performance or punctual performance of any of terms and conditions/services/tour or part thereof as above, if the performance thereof is prevented or delayed by any cause beyond the reasonable control of the company, which shall include acts of God, riots, wars, accidents, embargo, terror attacks, coup strike, natural calamities or requisition contractors caused by any such circumstances as referred herein. Any additional cost incurred by the Company, for the services provided to the Client, during the Force Majeure event, shall be paid by the Client.

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