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5 Reasons families will love Switzerland
5 Reasons families will love Switzerland

5 Reasons families will love Switzerland

1. Travelling around Switzerland is easy 

Travelling all through Switzerland using their public travel system has never been easier! The Swiss travel system offers travellers a picturesque opportunity to discover the diversity of Switzerland by road, rail or waterways.  The Swiss travel network extends for some 29,000 kilometres linking trains, buses, boats and mountain railway nationwide. Travel through the longest train tunnel in the world, visit the highest altitude railway station in Europe or experience a ‘topless’ aerial cable way ride. You can travel on it all with the Swiss Travel System. 


-Swiss travel system Train, bus and boat

Travelling throughout Switzerland on the Swiss Travel System is seamless by train, bus or boat. There are over 80 railway stations throughout Switzerland with free wifi access, allowing you to keep in touch with your family and friends while you wait for your train. All Swiss public transport offers 1st and or 2nd class travel. 

On the trains, 1st class offers more leg room, spacious seats, extra space for your luggage and quiet zones. 1st class bus tickets entitle you to a spacious seat with more leg room and power outlets, so you can keep your digital devices charged. Travelling by boat, 1st class seating is usually on the upper deck, offering greater views. 


-Travelling with luggage without the lugging 

Luggage Lockers : If you are planning a stop over or if you’re spending the day sightseeing in one of the main cities, you can leave your luggage in lockers which are located at main railway stations around Switzerland. 


-Express Luggage

Express luggage service is eccentric to Switzerland. It allows you to travel from point A to point B without lugging your bags with you. Using this service, you leave your luggage at one of 30 railway stations(drop off 9am) and collect  them the same day (6pm) from your destination railway. 

Express Luggage door-to-door: This service works in a similar way but allows you to hand over your luggage at your hotel between 6am-9am and it will be at the pick up destination that evening between 6pm-11pm. 


2. Swiss mountains 

The Jungfrau or Schilthorn, the unrivalled views to the Matterhorn from Gornergrat, the steep climb up Pilatus or the eternal snow on Mt. Titlis. 


Europe’s highest railway station at 3,454m above sea level. From the Sphinx viewing terrace discover pure snow, panoramic views and enjoy a sweet treat at the Lindt Chocolate shop. 


Take off on an adventure as you travel by boat, the world’s steepest cogwheel train and an aerial gondola to Pilatus, 2132m above sea level. Enjoy relaxing walks and quaint restaurants along your journey. 

-Glacier 3000

Glacier 3000 is one of the most well-known and accessible glaciers I nSwitzerland, 3000m above sea level. Enjoy the Peak Walk by Tissot, dogsled rides, toboggan run, snow fun park, Glacier Walks and Snow bus tours. 


Ride on the world’s first revolving cable car to the summit where you can enjoy a chairlift ride on the ‘Ice Flyer’ over open glacier crevasses and Titlis Glacier Park or experience the Cliff Walk, the highest suspension footbridge in Europe. 

-Matterhorn Paradise 

Europe’s highest cable car will catapult you away across enormous snowbirds up to the Matterhorn Glacier and a breathtakingly stunning world of eternal ice and snow. Immerse yourself in a Glacier Place 15m below the surface of the ice.


Marvel at the panoramic vistas as you climb the steep mountain side in an open-air rack railway. Once you have reached the top enjoy the view of 29 peaks with Matterhorn right in the centre. The Gornergrat is a great starting point for some wonderful walks. 


‘Queen of the Mountain’, is Switzerland’s most popular day trip mountain excursion and has been a firm favourite with tourists since the Victorian times. It’s a great location for hiking or merely soaking up the views. 


A double-decker with an open upper deck will whisk you up the side of Stanserhorn to the summit, 1850m above sea level. At the top enjoy picturesque hiking paths through the flower reserve or the Marmot Park. 


Take in the picturesque view from your cable car as you travel to the summit of Schilthorn, 2970m above sea level, where the world’s first revolving restaurant offers fine dining with exquisite vistas of the Swiss Alps.



3. Trends , shopping & culture


Calves, cows and sheep in the middle of residential buildings and business, from cattle market to hip neighbourhood, this was an everyday occurrence in Lucerne’s Bruch district, until 1971. The cantonal cattle market was held here every week for nearly 60 years. Today there are no traces at all of this market. Quite the contrary. Glorious coffee aromas drift from the Hässig Brothers’ Coffee House, the warmly decorated CrazyCupCake Café entices with its colourful little cakes, and local boutiques such as Atelier Treger send visitors into genuine shop ping frenzies. Unwind in the city’s popular cultural venues, which put on a variety of comedy shows and concerts. 

Kleinbasel, the neighbourhood of the common folk is a fashionable district full of cafes, bars and nightlife.The Bains, the former Geneva bath district is now a hotspot for art and culture. Lorraine was once a Bernese working class district, today this area is the ultimate in hip with cafes, tips, culture and graffiti. 


4. Spring in Switzerland

Spring is an interesting concept in Switzerland given the abundance of snow until mid-April and the fact that people seem to be in a perpetual ski mode. However, fo those of you who are prepared to move away from the Ski slopes, here is how you can enjoy Spring vibes in Switzerland. 


Admire nature in full bloom. Nature lovers, rejoice! There is an abundance of magical places where you can admire the loveliest of spring flowers in full bloom. From kooks to daffodil fields and cherry trees as far as the eye can see. The daffodil fields at Les Pleiades around lake Geneva, between Vevey and Blonay. 

With perfectly marked and safe paths, hiking in Spring is a pleasure all over Switzerland. The Allondon Nature reserve is a hidden gem in the Geneva area with some rare species of birds and plants. 


5. Taste the best of Switzerland 

From haute cuisine to hearty traditional food served in charming mountain huts, Switzerland has a lot to offer. You can try the “Taste my Swiss City’ tour offered by the Swiss tourism and uncover the taste of Swiss cities based on a local’s suggestions. It’s a cool way to discover unique places in the city and you also receive ‘the special treatement’ in some cases, you sample foods that have been created for this tour.