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The Norwegian Fjords: Nature’s Way of Narrating a Fantasy Fiction
The Norwegian Fjords: Nature’s Way of Narrating a Fantasy Fiction

The Norwegian Fjords: Nature’s Way of Narrating a Fantasy Fiction

When the sea pierces the islands making deep inlets (loch), the stirring landscape is called a fjord. Now, paint a picture in your mind. The Rocky Mountains hemming both sides as you are floating on a boat, sound-proofed and peaceful with just the sound of the slick waterfalls unfreezing from the glaciers. There is nothing else to do other than swooning in the beauty of the Mother Earth. 

This is the longest and deepest fjord of Norway which is the top choice of most people and is called the King of Fjords for a reason. It is best enjoyed in winter when it takes a different guise. The fjord is an exceptional beauty with the snow-covered peaks, waterfalls from the melting snowcaps and scenic villages along the fjords. This area is rich in fresh fruits, berries, lamb, game, mountain trout and goat cheese among other culinary enticements.

As the name suggests, this is a narrow fjord and a famed arm of Sognefjord, running 17km long detaching from its main course and hemmed by 1200m- high cliffs. It is listed on the UNESCO World Heritage Site and proudly holds the rating of the world’s number one natural heritage site. Your trip can be combined with Sognefjord. 

Amid swaying snow-covered peaks, roaring waterfalls and the jungly flora to embellish, the greens and blues of Geirangerfjord vies for everybody’s attention. The UNESCO World Heritage Site offers plentiful hiking opportunities and viewpoints that instantly lightens the mood. Popular activities include kayaking, fishing, rafting and cycling.

The best way to view Lysefjord is to hike up to Pulpit Rock, a naturally square shaped mountain plateau or climb 4,444 wooden steps, the world’s longest wooden staircase that takes you 740 meters above sea level in less than 2 hours.  

Another arm of Sognefjord which is regarded as most instagrammable fjords in the world surrounded by mountains towering 1400 meters high.  Winter magnets a large number of tourists to see the ice-covered mountains from overwhelming panoramic lookout points. 
Not only Alice, every one of you can see the Wonderland, and that is Hardangerfjord. The best way is to reach Trolltunga and get a view from the rock jutting out. 

This tranquil fjord is the 6th longest in Norway and is great to visit for the skiing opportunities available in the surrounding area as well as the amazing Jostedalsbreen Glacier, the biggest in Europe. When dug deep the fiord houses shimmering glaciers, hair-raising narrow valleys and Europe’s deepest lake Hornindalsvatnet.

This Fjord is another stuff of picture postcards. Surrounded by alpine peaks and lush greenery, the region is less traveled set off the bustle of the mass tourists. 

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