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7 Insta-worthy reasons to jet-off to Japan
7 Insta-worthy reasons to jet-off to Japan

7 Insta-worthy reasons to jet-off to Japan

1.Cherry Blossoms

If it is one thing that hasn’t changed in Japan over the years, it is the Cherry Blossom, the harbinger of Spring, hopes, inspiration and positivity. If you talk to any expert on when to travel to Japan, they'll all agree that you should visit at least once during the spring. During the season, lovely pink Sakura bloom in the country and fill the air with their sweet aroma. Be sure to get a picture of Mt. Fuji while the Sakura fill the skies! 


Here are Japan’s hotspots to appreciate the Sakura season

  1. Ueno Park, Tokyo
  2. Osaka Castle and Nishinomaru Garden, Osaka
  3. The Hokkaido Shrine, Sapporo
  4. Fukuoka Castle, Fukuoka
  5. Hiroshima Peace Park, Hiroshima
  6. Mount Yoshino, Nara


2. Mt.Fuji

Located on Honshu, Mt.Fuji (3776m) is the highest mountain in Japan, luring 3 lakh people every year with a list of nature parks, hiking trails, cafes and restaurants. 


3. Arashiyama Bamboo Grove, Kyoto

This place posses a challenge to the photographers. Apparently, you’ll not be able to resist capturing this picturesque place, and it is said that one is never able to film it so well as you see it. 


4. Kochia Garden at the Hitachi Seaside Park

Hitachi Seaside Park is famous for two things - the beds of baby-blue nemophilas flowers that cover the rolling hills in the spring, and in autumn, the park is covered in a bright crimson bassia bushes. Not only 470 acres of bright flowers, also ocean views and more to explore. 


5. Takachiho Gorge, Miyazaki

Steeped in Japanese mythology is Takachiho, located deep in the forest of Miyazaki away from the bright lights of the city and pollution. Discover the mysteries of Shinto’s beloved goddess by visiting Takachiho Shrine and catch the kagura dance performance where they stage the legend of Amaterasu and her escape to the cave. Next, to the shrine, take a boat ride to Takachiho gorge where you will witness gorgeous waterfalls and daunting rock formations. 


6. Nachi Falls

The tallest waterfall in the country, Nachi Falls, is located in Wakayama prefecture. The water gushes  from a sharp cliff to drop 436 feet (133 metres) into a surging river.


7. Blue Pond, Biei, Hokkaido

The Blue Pond is also known as Aoiike, a man-made wonder that happened all by accident. When an erosion control system was created for the mud flows from nearby Mt. Tokachi, the minerals in the ground seeped into the water. We’re thankful they did! The dessicated trees emerging from these unearthly blue waters creates an image that is breathtaking throughout the year. Whether you come in the winter or summer, the Blue Pond is an amazing sight to behold.

Breathe the fresh air during our Cherry Blossom tour while Sakura petals add a pink glow to the finest landmarks. Follow this link to book a tour with us.